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Non-hydroscopic composite piping system designed to contain electrical

Featuring zero permeation to hydrocarbons, OILTECH is the elective choice whenever environmental issues are at the stake.

The pressure rating of 300psi allows OILTECH to find its best operating conditions in a wide variety of Oil & Gas applications such as:

  • Produced fluids
  • Salt water
  • Disposal and transmission lines

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OILTECH pipes are extruded as an advanced multilayer structure consisting of a base of HDPE piping that is internally lined with a chemically resistant liner and bonded together in unitary fashion using a tie layer.

It can be used in a wider temperature and pressure range than ordinary HDPE and can guarantee better compatibility to chemicals and lower permeation to hydrocarbons.

Multilayer thermoplastic pipes are the ideal solution for high & low temperature pressure applications and for lining and rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

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The OILTECH fitting range includes:

  • Electrofusion fittings that guarantee a safe and reliable assembly. The electrofusion technique makes the assembly stronger than the pipe and fittings, so the resulting pressure rating of the assembly exceeds the pipes and fittings themselves
  • Spigot fittings
  • Spigot transition fittings manufactured in compliance with ASTM F 1973 Standard specifications for factory-assembled anodeless risers and transition fittings in PEHD, PA11, PA12 fuel and gas distribution systems

Traditional materials are prone to rapid build-up of paraffin in the pipe requiring aggressive maintenance programs.
Continuous seamless OILTECH pipe runs and the use of large smooth bore electrofusion couplers can virtually eliminate paraffin build-up and the need for hot oiling or chemical treatment.

  • OILTECH pipes can effectively replace steel in high & low temperature pressure applications
  • OILTECH is specifically engineered for conveying hydrocarbons in aggressive environments (e.g. H2S, CO2) where chemical resistance limits the use of conventional plastics By using OILTECH long pipe runs and electrofusion fittings, substantial cuts in maintenance costs can be achieved and the installation time and costs can be drastically reduced to a minimum.
  • Reduced permeation to hydrocarbons
  • Smoothness of the ID wall
  • No paraffin build-up
  • Larger bore
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Ability to resist scale and overall toughness
  • Excellent flow properties throughout its service life
  • Easy to install

OILTECH 300HT is the new composite piping system specially developed for industrial applications at high temperatures.
The structural layer is made of PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) that is a new family of PE materials with significantly improved long-term strength at high temperatures.
When compared to standard OILTECH 300, the HT (High Temperature) series features better properties as for temperature.
OILTECH 300HT is the eligible choice in many applications where the service temperature is between 105°F and 180°F.
It can be installed and handled in the same way as standard OILTECH 100, even though it is capable of higher pressure performance at elevated temperatures.
It has the same flexibility as OILTECH 100 and can be joined by using the electrofusion or butt fusion technology.



Electrofusion fittings

Electrofusion fittings

Transition fittings

Transition fittings

Spigot welding fittings

Spigot welding fittings


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